ECO - Well Hotel & SPA

An experience with environmental responsibility

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rethink. Respect.

Our ecological policy is based on a gradual improvement through the rational use of the main natural resources such as water and energy, on a conscious management of the waste produced and on creating partnerships that help us in the implementation of our objectives:


Decreased water consumption:

  • Flushing cisterns and taps with low water consumption;
  • Use of rainwater for irrigation;
  • Educate guests to report water losses on the hotel's premises and reduce their
    ecological footprint during their stay. 


Decreased energy consumption:

  • Use of photovoltaic panels;
  • Lighting system triggered with card;
  • Low consumption lighting LED system;
  • Lighting in common areas with motion sensors;
  • Air conditioning systems with intensity adjustable by the customer;
  • Construction with rock wool insulation;
  • Double glazing in all rooms, thermal and acoustic insulation of windows and
    watertightness of frames;
  • Class A or higher electrical equipment. 


Decrease in waste production:

  • Recycling of waste generated;
  • Provide guests with containers for selective collection;
  • Decreased use of paper (check in via tablet application; sending invoice by email);
  • Decrease in the use of plastic (water in the room in glass bottles);
  • Detergent dosing systems;
  • Streamlining ecological trips through platforms such as Portuguese Trails and
  • Preference for seasonal and local products (local farmers);
  • Magazines and newspapers in digital format, updated and available during the stay
    of each guest - PressReader Application;
  • Bicycles available as an ecological way of getting to know the area; Trekking and
    birdwatching initiatives.